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About Ocu-Sil: Hydrophobic Lubricant

At Ocu-sil, our mission is to provide both the public, and the ocularists with exceptional hydrophobic lubricant products. Cutting edge and revolutionary, Ocu-Sil is a 350 centi-stoke medical grade silicone fluid for artificial eyes. Also the lubricant is ideal for doctors who prefer that their patients experience no build up or residue. This chemical property is ideal, because the term "Hydrophobic" literally means "water fearing".

Any self respecting ocularist will tell you that the only suitable lubricants for patients are FDA approved. At Ocu-Sil, our products have been tested and retested, and then sent under the strict requierments of the FDA. With their approval, Ocu-Sil has now become a favorite of the American Ocularists.

This optimal viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane silicone lubricant has been developed specifically for patients who suffer the burning irritation associated with other lubricants that are not nearly as water resistant or long lasting.

Of course, you would expect that this optimal, high quality medical supply would be excessively costly. On the contrary, this hydrophobic artificial eye gel has been made available at price that is acceptable both to the ocularist and his financially minded patients.

We thank you for visiting our website, and hope that our non-toxic, FDA approved, non-irritating product has met your requirements. With an active ingredient of dimethylpolysiloxane, Ocu-Sil is sure to agree with all of your patients prosthetics eyes needs. Our staff will be happy to assist you, with our customer service that is unmatched in the fields of helpful and friendly service.

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-Ocu-Sil™ is an optimal viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane silicone lubricant that relieves irritation and discomfort made specifically for people who wear prosthetic eyes.

-Ocu-Sil™ is a 350 centi-stoke medical grade silicone fluid. It is translucent and free of particulates, lumps, and gels. It has been clinically tested and is free of any toxicities. Ocu-Sil is a FDA approved medical grade dimethylpolysiloxane used for medical devices.
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