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Ocu-Sil Products are Ocularists Best Prosthetic Eye Lubricant Partner

Introducing the silicone lubricant bottle for prosthetic eye patients.

Here at Ocu-Sil, we strive to provide both the prothesis patient and ocularists with a product unmatched in quality and service.  While this site is useful and easily accessible to the average patient, it is also designed to completely and efficiently communicate with the ocularist. These traits are the most important when working in the medical field, in which accurate and complete information is of the highest priority.

Some medical websites only offer their product without any consultation or explanation.  But at Ocu-Sil, our team of representatives is available to discuss, in depth, the prosthetic eye lubricant that has won acclaim from valued customers.

Ocu-Sils' 350-centistroke formula is sure to appeal to discerning ocularists. Unlike other formulas, the high centistroke count of Ocu-Sil allows the lubricant to glide effortlessly due to minuscule molecules that slide easily against each-other. This high-viscosity property has also been successfully designed to prevent uncomfortable, unsightly, and dangerous build-up in the patients’ orbit. Ocu-Sil is definately the first choice for artificial eye wearers. For more information regarding our product, please download the Ocu-Sil Product Instructions.

While Ocu-Sil is inarguably a revolutionary quality silicone based lubricant, the people that stand behind this product are close with the Ocularist community.  We network with some of the finest and careful ocularists in practice, collecting data and opinions on Ocu-Sil.  Praise has been given, but what we really appreciate is a hands-on approach, with suggestions and feedback.

We sincerely thank you for choosing Ocu-Sil, and we trust that you and your patients will find that our product excels and outperforms previous and underdeveloped medical lubricants.

To begin your relationship with Ocu-Sil, please visit our contact us section. If you are interested in other Ocularist information, please visit our resources section.

Ocularist preferred silicone lubricant
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-Ocu-Sil™ is an optimal viscosity dimethylpolysiloxane silicone lubricant that relieves irritation and discomfort made specifically for people who wear prosthetic eyes.

-Ocu-Sil™ is a 350 centi-stoke medical grade silicone fluid. It is translucent and free of particulates, lumps, and gels. It has been clinically tested and is free of any toxicities. Ocu-Sil is a FDA approved medical grade dimethylpolysiloxane used for medical devices.
What is?
- Dimethylpolysiloxane
- Prosthesis
- Ocular prosthetic
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